Across The Dark Water

Film Maker - Across The Dark Water


Steve Hogg


A fantastic project I was recently a part of was as co-producer of a film series called Across The Dark Water. The film was created from the stage play by Ben Musgrave. The stage play and the film tells the story of 'The Southampton Plot' to overthrow Henry V in 1415 just before the invasion of France and the Battle of Agincourt.

The cast of the film were:

Tom Brownlee: Henry V

Darrell Brockis: Lord Scrope of Masham

Ben Callon: Edmund Mortimer, Earl Of March

Chris Gunter: Richard, Earl of Cambridge

To get an idea of the film have a look at this trailer we created:



I was approached by the Owen Calvert-Lyons who was then the Artistic Director of the Point Theatre to see if I would be interested in helping the production team behind the stage play to make a film version. I jumped at the chance as film making was an area I was keen to explore and I knew it would be a great project for the media students I was teaching.

The theatre production team were brilliant to work with as were the cast. Everyone was friendly and supportive and I know that they in turn appreciated the professionalism and dedication of our film crew. A great deal of planning when in to the filming schedule which was vital as the filming was done in only 5 days. The locations for filming were historic locations around Hampshire including Portchester Castle, the Tudor House and St Julian's Chapel in Southampton as well as the banks of the River Hamble and a scout field in Romsey.



The film crew worked long hours sometimes until 3am but never complained or felt hard done by as they were loving the experience. We filmed on Digital SLR cameras. I was looking to create a cinematic look and with a very limited budget this was a great option. By far the longest work was the post production work. During the long post production process including re-recording all the dialogue and creating a full sound design we kept to our release deadlines and produced a weekly episode on time each week.

A first cut of the full length film was shown to a public audience at St Julian's Chapel on Wednesday the 5th of August 2015. The film series was also released as part of the Eastleigh Film Festival on the 25th of September 2015.

The film was released as a 5 part series on YouTube with each episode being around 15 minutes.



Watch episode 2 on YouTube

Watch episode 3 on YouTube

Watch episode 4 on YouTube

Watch episode 5 on YouTube



Thanks also to Andy Wilkin for making the behind the scenes film and to Louise Morrell for behind the scenes photography.


Read more about the project on the Solent University website.