Steve Hogg drummer with The Reaktors


Steve Hogg


I have always been a huge music fan. I started playing drums at 9 and still do to this day. It is the thing that gives me the most joy. I have always played in bands and loved every minute of it and made some great friends along the way.

I am still playing today in a punk band here in Southampton called The Reaktors.

There is a local venue here in Southampton called The Joiners that I get to play in now and again. It's a proper venue with a proper PA and lighting. That half hour or forty five minutes on stage in The Joiners is slighty scary and brilliant all at the same time. I love it.

There is something magical about live gigs. As a kid I would go to the legendary Glasgow Apollo. I saw some great shows in that old theatre. The Who, AC-DC. The list is endless. I would always get in early and watch the whole setting up process. The lights, the drums on the riser and the massive rows of amps and speakers always inspired and impressed me.

I guess that love of live music is present in a lot of the creative work I do now.


Steve Hogg drummer with The Reaktors and his Sonor kit

My drum kit is a Sonor from 1984. I bought it new then and it's now a classic. It's older than some members of the band! It has a 22 inch bass drum, 13x9 and 14x10 rack toms and a 16x16 floor tom. The snare is 14 inch steel. I have seen the same snare on ebay for £500 so it's a bit of a collectors item now. The kit sounds great as it has 9 ply shells. Always sounds great live and great in the studio too. I love the size of the toms. A lot of the kits now have small toms which I don't like as the new 5 piece kits are more like fusion kits. The larger toms are great for rock and punk.

My cymbals are all Paiste 2002. The hi-hats are 14 inch sound edge, I have a 20 inch ride, a 20 inch crash and an 18 inch medium crash.

Images by Tony Wade




The Guilty Heart music video is the latest piece of video work I have produced for the band. When I wrote the song Guilty Heart I had the story in my head of the cheating wife so when it came to scripting the video the ideas came easily. I called in my long time collaborator and friend Louise Morrell to direct it for me. Thanks is also due to Simone Keene and Ros Boder for appearing in the video and to Simon, Elenya Lendon and Andy Wilkin for taking on the camera duties. It turned out pretty cool. I like the dream/dance sequence in the middle and it was good fun making up the mobile phone graphics. I did those in Photoshop and edited the whole thing in Premier.



The images in the slideshow are from a recent gig I put on at The Joiners. Since I was the promoter I put my own band on as headline!

We had some great supports that night in the brilliant Bandits, Murderer's Row and Watch You Drown. It was a great night and maybe my favourite of the shows we have played so far.

We have also had some great support slots to legendary punk bands such as U.K Subs, Subhumans, The Vibrators, Angelic Upstarts, Vice Squad, The Members, TV Smith and John Otway.

Thanks to Rachel Reeves and Sarah Dryden for the images in the slide show

You can download The Reaktors album "Taking Control" for free here at Music Glue and also find it on Spotify. The album was engineered and produced by Nick Bealey and mastered by Pete Maher.

Taking Control

We are currently working on album number two. The tracks are being recorded by recording engineer Dom Wright at Ranch Productions with the mix and final production taken on by me in my home studio set up. A first mix of our new track (see below) Ship of Fools gives an idea of the new material. Look out for the video of Ship of Fools coming out soon.

I am mixing the tracks in Protools and recording any additional parts of the songs that we didn't manage to record at Ranch.