Steve Hogg


Getting out and taking more photos is something I need to do more of in 2017!

As with most of the creative work I do there is some sort of music connection. Taking pictures at live shows is brilliant to do and for sure there is an art to it as the stage lights are constantly changing. I am still learning. It is cool when your image ends up being used as a tour poster or ends up in a magazine or on a website.

This gallery showcases some of the work but you can find more on Flickr.




These two behind the scenes videos were created by Andy Wilkin. Thanks to Andy for producing these. The first video is a photoshoot with Scarlet Soho who I was doing a lot of video work with at the time as I created three promo music videos to co-incide with their single releases and European tour dates. Working with me on the shoots is my good friend and collaborator Louise Morrell.